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Sweepstakes: Stepping and Singing in 2014

After four years as a student worker, I’m pleased to announce I’ll be returning to Samford to serve as executive producer for Step Sing 2014. It’s an honor to serve my alma mater in this way and it’s also a thrill to continue my production career and gain more valuable experience.

Most of our team will be returning. Our student producer and director are returners and should develop a strong product. Most of our contract crew has been with us for 15-plus years, so they’re great to be around and to guide our student team. Dan Harb, of Harb Productions, will be back with us providing a brand new 30′ expandable truck. If you need an EIC for your broadcast event, I highly recommend Dan. Not only is he incredibly knowledgable, but a pleasure to be around.

We’re about to roll in pre-production meetings to start programming the nights. Our “Countdown to Step Sing” pre-show is back again and should have some strong improvements upon last year’s shot in the dark. As we approach February and more details become available, I’ll update here, so be sure to check back and see how things are unfolding prior to the biggest event on campus at Samford.

Also, as an aside, check back here tomorrow for an update on the status of the blog and some vision and hopes I have for here on out. We’ll be back on a consistent posting schedule beginning tonight.

Thanks for following along!

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Prepare Months to Execute Hours

“Roll video… take video.” And with that, Step Sing 2013 had begun.  Beginning as a production assistant, working my way to video playback operator, this year I found myself behind that switcher of our $6 million production truck, Buddy.


From pulling cable and running errands to playing video, I was sitting in THE chair; behind a Grass Valley Kayenne in a truck that had come to us in Birmingham from the Super Bowl.  Yeah, I was having the time of my life.

That night shortly after 7 p.m. was the culmination of months of work.  Pre-production for the three nights of shows on the third weekend of February began back in September.  Show ideas and formats, designs, video content and features and production meetings with crew; we had discussed it all.

This is the nature of the production industry, in general, not just television.  You prepare for months to execute a few hours of content.  It’s all just another day’s work.

Courtesy of Connor Wangner

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